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The Counselling Room

We are all unique individuals whom are defined by the many different labels that life has to offer us. Here at The Counselling Room we are aware of the many vulnerabilities experienced LGBTQ+ individuals. We continually endeavour  to take proactive steps to keep LGBTQ+ affirmative practices at the heart of our practice.


LGBTQ+ individuals can experience a wide spectrum of mental health issues. This can stem from becoming marginalised along with multiple disadvantages due to sexual orientation and/or gender identity which may also be combined with mental health problems, ethnicity, physical or sensory impairments, age, economic background and sometimes asylum status. We need to fully understand and provide for the complexity and unique identity of each and every individual if the outcome experienced into be effective.


The key to raising self esteem, confidence and general well being is self understanding. This allows for a firm foundation in which you can begin to appreciate what life has to offer you!